Monday, February 28, 2011

New shoes, good training

Anyone who has hung out with me lately, knows that I've recently taken the plunge into trying out "Vibram Five-Fingers" shoes. These shoes are very thin, and have individual toe cut outs. The idea behind these shoes is that they strengthen all the little muscles in your foot, and improve your posture. After purchasing them about 2 weeks ago, I put all my other shoes away, and have since been wearing them full-time.
I was worried that I wouldn't be able to unicycle with them on, since they are so thin. Yesterday, I went out on a 20 mile group ride with a bunch of people in Santa Cruz (Rob's Ride) I took all the pins out of a pair of pedals, and I was able to ride the whole ride with these shoes. Success! The only problem was falling at speed kinda hurt my feet, and when the pedals got wet, they were really slippery. Overall, it was good, and I will try some different pedal / grip tape combinations to see what works best. Trials, and intense MUni could be a different story though!
On another note, some fellow canadians just left me, from a wicked visit down here in California. We did lots of great riding, even though the temperatures were well below seasonal.
Freshly made "ride muffins". Probably one of the most delicious creations i've ever concocted. Wow they were good. More like a cookie-muffin hybrid.

Great pilon photo-op. How cool can you look with a pilon on your head?
Come back soon, I'm going to post recipes for making home-made bars, that are "oh, so good"

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  1. Those muffins look incredible. And, yes, it is tough to look cool with a pilon on your head!