Saturday, March 5, 2011

When pancakes go wrong

I like to think that i'm a pretty good cook. Give me a request, and I can usually "free-style" quite a delicious and healthy recipe. I also take pride in being able to substitute ingredients so that my dishes are either gluten free, or paleo, or just healthier than the original.

"So, Ryan," you ask, "Whats with all this self-esteem boosting talk that you seem to be doing, with no apparent reason?" Well, I have failed twice, in making pancakes. Let me set the stage:

The first time was in third year university. I was experimenting with Paleo eating, and wanted to make paleo pancakes. The only problem was a severe lack on ingredients. No problem, right? well, I used almond meal, the last egg, and some baking soda. "So, how were they?" ummm, lets just say, I dubbed them "Vomit-Cakes" they were so disgusting. In my over-zealous attempt at making them rise, I clearly put in too much baking soda, and they were beyond gross.

The second time was thing morning. There were a bunch of great white northern beans (great name, eh?) in the fridge, and for breakfast, I had the "AHA!" moment of turning these into a super healthy pancake. I think the idea was good, but after mixing in a few black beans and corn (for colour) some plain yoghurt (think buttermilk pancakes) a bit of ground sesame, 2 eggs, and a few other things, crunch time came. Although they seemed like the right consistency, they didn't have the structural integrity to flip over. So, they became more of a mashed up mess, than a pancake. I still ate them, and they were quite good, but I was somewhat upset that they wouldn't flip properly without falling apart into a flailing mess of white goo. For my third "Mush-Cake", I added a few chocolate chips, to try to make myself feel better. Surprise, surprise, It did! Chocolate seems to be a very viable solution to self-loathing. Sweet!

Anyways, I will study, tinker, and come up with a way to materialize these bean based pancakes, because I still think that its a good idea. I will post up the recipe when it finally works out.

Oh, and please, please, please, don't try to make vomit cakes. Take my word for it, they are in-edible.

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  1. how do you feel about oatmeal as a base for pancakes? A bit healthier than wheat flour but maybe not exactly what you are looking for. I totally love oatmeal pancakes and they are great pre-ride food. :)