Friday, March 18, 2011

St Patrick's Day Chocolate Cake

Yesterday was St-Patrick's Day, and since I didn't seem to have any green clothing to wear, I ended up making a pretty bad-ass cake.
It was a Chocolate Avocado cake and here is how to make it.

-3 Cups Whole Wheat flour
-6-8 tbsp cocoa powder
-1 tbsp cinnamon
-1 tsp salt
-2 tsp baking powder
-1 Cup Chocolate chips
-2 cups of sugar (whatever type you like)
-1/4 cup vegetable oil
-1 avocados
-2 Cups water
-2 tbsp white vinegar

Combine all the dry ingredients (minus the sugar) and mix them up.
Then combine all the wet ingredients (plus the sugar!) and after mixing, combine them together.
Grease your baking pans, then pour the batter into two 9" round baking pyrex. Or, whatever you have. I did two, so that I could have a layer of green in between.

Bake at 350 for 30 mins. If you decide to make little green cupcakes, it would be about 15 mins.
I used this 30 minutes to do yoga in the yard. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I just brought the egg timer out with me.

The green icing is pretty awesome, super green, and very fun to make.
-2 Avocados
-2-4 tbsp lemon juice
-1/2 cup icing sugar (more if you want it sweeter)

Put it all in a food processor, and let 'er rip. After the cakes come out, and cool on a rack, put the icing between them, and then on top as well. Serves about 8 people.

Also, In case you didn't notice this is a vegan cake! OMG! VEGAN GOODNESS! also, it is full of mostly healthy (for a cake) ingredients, plus, it is very very tasty. I quote some people as saying "wow! this is the best green cake i've ever had " ... okay, not a huge barrier, but I also heard "This cake has the best texture i've ever tasted in any cake" ... That one was a bit more impressive.

Try it, and tell me what you think!

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