Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cali adventure is over, Race season is just starting...

Well, as a recap of my trip to California... it was awesome. Just heading home now, and there is nothing that I would have changed about it. The area where I was staying and riding (Santa Cruz mountains) has unbelievable riding. the climate is great, people are super cool and interesting, and the roads are wicked.
There are probably over 20 rides that I would consider is bests, and way too many to list. I think my favourite descent remains alpine road, and my favourite climb is probably Old LaHonda. These can easily be linked into one ride, which is always guaranteed to be great.

I think the total elevation climbed while down here is upwards of 100 000 meters, in 3 months, and distance is roughly 6000km.

Here is a pic of me on top of mt. Diablo. One of the "must do" rides of the region.

I think that keeping balance is very important in life, and in training. I was able to get out and play disc golf on several occasions while down here. California has many awesome courses, and beautiful settings.

This is a shot of how the disc landed after Nathan threw a 50+ ft putt. Awesome!

Also, there was a tree which looked like it had a face. This is how i've felt for the majority of the last 3 months. I think my grin was a bit bigger though.

Keeping balance, to me, also means exploring new experiences (acro Yoga is super cool!) getting back to your roots (I managed to squeeze in a few unicycle rides) and knowing when to relax, and chill with some good buddies. Overall, I was able to do lots of these things, and this kept me from missing my family and friends back home too much. Life is an adventure, enjoy it!

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