Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gettin' paid at the Raid

I just got back from the "Raid Velo-Mag". All I can say is: What a race!
Everyday was a new adventure, wicked trails, lots of climbing and super cool people to do it with.
I went up with a big group of radical dudes from ottawa. This always makes the driving more fun, and cheaper. We had a trailer, whose resonant frequency seemed to be reached at 101 km/h. This made the drive a little slower than usual, but it was still awesome.

I was in the lead on friday (17km stage) and saturday (77km), and got flats. I ended up 2nd on friday and 5th on saturday. Lost tons of time on saturday, which cost me overall GC. I won on sunday though (57km).

If you are on the fence about doing a race like this, I say you should go for it! All the rain experienced made the racing even more fun. I have a much more detailed post on the kunstadt ride blog
Check it out.

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