Monday, July 11, 2011

Chainsuck at the Buck

Buckwallow is just "one of those places" There always seems to be some issue, or extenuating circumstance which screws me over whenever I have the serious prospect of doing well. This was no exception. Here's how it all went down.

After spending a lovely week at my cottage, I headed home, and then up to Buckwallow. Myself and team Kunstadt decided to camp at the KOA. The pre-ride went well. Chico did an awesome job (as usual) and everything was all set to go.

In the morning, Imad decided to do a number on Neil's front derailleur. This seriously upset the morning, and offset the tim hortons trip significantly. After fixing his shifting, we all went in to town, where Imad proceeded to purchase a McDonald's Breakfast AND a Tim Hortons breakfast, plus coffee from both places. WOW. epic meal time. We then went for a swim in the lake.

The race started out well. Neil pulled a pretty epic start, then Imad came around, then I took over. Things quickly settled down, and it was me, Preston, and Danny, all riding together. On the second lap, I attacked, and put about 20 seconds into them. soon after this, my chain came off, and got jammed. Preston and Danny passed me. I chased, and then it happened again. And again. Bummer. I settled in, and ended up third. I probably could have won, but each time the chain jammed, it cost me a lot of time.

Overall, I finished third, Neil took 5th, and Imad 6th. A pretty solid day for the team. Be sure to check out the Kunstadt Blog too!

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